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Diversifying your revenue streams: the winning strategy for charities and non-profits

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August 17, 2023

The unpredictable economy has highlighted the vulnerability of even the most carefully laid-out revenue strategies. For fundraisers in particular, the challenge lies in constructing a robust plan when the ability to forecast annual income is so difficult. Fundraisers are asking the vital question: how can charities and non-profits shield themselves from such uncertainties? 

The solution lies in a diversified approach to ensure revenue sources are both stable and ongoing. This strategy helps reduce dependency on a single fundraising channel while optimising the potential for growth and offering a higher degree of predictability of income.

Enter StarVale. Their lotteries and raffles offer a reliable source of income, fortifying your organisation’s financial foundations. Implementing a StarVale lottery as part of your fundraising portfolio ensures strong, predictable and enduring financial support.

Gain a sustainable source of income

While traditional fundraising has its benefits, it may not always bring in a steady income. The cost of living, donor fatigue, lack of engagement and limited reach can all contribute to the unpredictability of revenue, making it challenging to maintain a consistent and reliable revenue stream.

Subscription-based lotteries like StarVale provide a sustainable source of income and keep supporters engaged and entertained, encouraging long-term loyalty. Lotteries are a low-cost way for your audience to support your cause with tickets costing as low as £1 per week. By incorporating a subscription-based lottery into your fundraising strategy, you can help maintain consistent revenue flow, keep supporters engaged and provide them with an affordable means of contributing.

Expand your reach

Expanding your fundraising reach is vital for financial diversity, reducing reliance on existing channels and boosting your organisation’s resilience. Finding new and innovative ways to open the doors to new supporters, while also welcoming existing supporters back, will help guard against risk and ensure long-term success.

Supporting a cause and winning big: an irresistible combination that captivates both new and established audiences alike. Lotteries are the ideal way to broaden your reach and attract supporters who may not otherwise support your cause. The allure of potential winnings is a sure way to increase your reach and grow your supporter base. 

Reinforce brand messaging

While some might have concerns around how well lotteries align with their organisation’s ethos, they can actually be a powerful way to reinforce your brand and reach a wider audience. The more often people are exposed to your brand, the more likely you are to build their trust and loyalty. A strong brand is also essential for attracting corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

Lotteries offer a unique opportunity to boost brand recognition and sentiment. As your lottery gains traction and complements your other methods of fundraising, your organisation’s visibility and credibility will grow, and so will your audience. This, in turn, paves the way for cultivating a dependable income stream nurtured by a loyal base of supporters.

Cultivate engagement

Every interaction between a supporter and your organisation can help you gain a better understanding of your audience’s likes and needs. Equipped with this knowledge, you can create more effective fundraising plans to connect with various segments within your community.

A StarVale lottery involves supporters directly in the fundraising process, from purchasing tickets to eagerly awaiting the draw, giving them an exciting way to support your cause. This can mean lottery participants are more likely to become regular donors, participate in events, and help spread the word about your organisation – creating more opportunities to fundraise.

Ready to diversify your revenue streams with a lottery? Reach out to StarVale today.

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